Chris blames his sense of humour on his Australian upbringing.  A former CBS 60 Minutes staff DP, Chris is a multi-award winning cinematographer including four Emmy nominations since 2012 for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Video Journalism’.  Previously based in Australia, London and Israel, Chris now lives in Washington, D.C.

He loves the art of light and can sometimes be seen gazing at light bouncing off one object on to another.  He focuses on high-end docs, commercials and corporate projects, as no one has asked him to shoot a feature film yet.  (JJ won't return Chris's calls.)

Chris is 43 years old and is an Australian passport holder.


equipment and rates

Primarily shooting on a Sony F5 2k/4k camera with Canon Cinema CN-E Primes and Canon Cinema 17-120 T2.8 zoom in any format/codec needed.  The camera is of course important, but cinema class lenses are what makes the difference.  That and the eye of the DP!

Chris also has a variety of accessories, wireless video for the director, smaller cameras and an extensive lighting/grip setup.   Rates vary depending on what the project requires and the usual factors.