Hopefully this reel gives you a sense of what I am about. However each project I take on is different, communicating visually what the producer/director has in mind is the fun part of the job! Always looking for the next challenge.

This won the WHNPA (White House News Photographers Association) Award for Lighting, 2012. The scenes in the church were lit with a HMI with it's lens removed through a high window to mimic the sun, battery powered lite panels hidden around the room and candles strategically placed. There was a lot of begging and pleading with the monks to allow any lighting of the amazing place. If people can't tell that I've lit a scene, that it looks beautiful and natural, then I feel I have succeeded.

A sizzle reel of the slow motion footage I shot of April Vokey in gorgeous British Columbia. The majesty and skill of her casting is hidden by the fact that our eyes see the world, but our brains cannot keep up with the torrent of information coming in. Shot at 240 frames per second the world slows down by eight times, and a new layer of detail suddenly becomes apparent.

We were given extraordinary access to the Capitol for a story on the building's anniversary. The opening shot is a 12 foot dolly move using a Canon 8-15mm lens, conveying the majesty and scale of the space.