More a stream of consciousness than a reel.

I just keep dropping shots in to it from time to time…

Chris is a multiple Emmy, ACS and WHNPA award winning Director of Photography with over 20 years of experience working around the globe. He enjoys being a visual story teller and the variety of projects that being a DP enables him to experience, from 60 Minutes assignments to commercials, programs and narrative projects.  

He's looking to work with creatives that enjoy collaborating on the story, the message and the light.  Chris also has a decent sense of humor which helps.  Based in Washington, dc.


'Who's Your Doggie?', a fun one hour special for the super people at Red Rock Films for National Geographic.                                                     

United Airlines spot: 'Summer Associate's Dream Takes Flight'.  Fabulous story about a young woman on the way to becoming a United pilot.

2018 COMMUNICATOR AWARDS winner: Non-Profit. Children's Defense Fund, 'Beating The Odds', Khalis Williams. DP, editor and colorist.

Interviews shot at StudiowerksDC for 'The New Age of Terror', a two part series for History Channel.  Went dark, went moody!

Air Warriors (Smithsonian Channel) episode on the Harrier for Red Rock Films.  Re-cre the bomb drop.

DP for this episode of The David Rubenstein Show: Interview with Robert Smith, businessman, investor and philanthropist.

Emmy Winning 60 Minutes one hour special on the Navy SEAL team that killed Bin Laden.

April Vokey at 240fps.  Who knew fly fishing looked this good?  Sizzle demo for 60 Minutes Sports.

WHNPA Lighting Award winner 2013.


How to make something dull interesting?  A server rack...think espionage, high frequency trading.

Every DP has one, footage shot during combat ops on a US aircraft carrier, edited to mimic the start of Top Gun. It's 2009 so Standard Def, but still fun!

Diversity in film spot for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).  Shot, edited and graded by yours truly.

EMMY WINNING HBO Vice documentary, “Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis”. DP for these interviews. Director: John Maggio, Ark Media

Spot with U.S. soccer players for Educators for High Standards, 'Game Plan For Success' with the great people at McCarthy Hennings Whalen.

United Airlines spot: 'Letter to my mother' for Mother's Day.


Children's Defense Fund, 'Beating The Odds' profile on scholarship winner Tallya Rhodes. DP, editor and colorist.

Children's Defense Fund, 'Beating The Odds' profile on scholarship winner Jonathan Benitez.  Shot in one day on a tight budget.  DP, editor and colorist.

DP for this episode of The David Rubenstein Show: Yo-Yo Ma, two very interesting gentlemen.  Sound recordist was Tom Staton. 

DP: The David Rubenstein Show: Steve Ballmer, philanthropist, businessman and former Microsoft CEO.

Emmy Nominated (60 Minutes) - A once in a lifetime opportunity to film at Mount Athos in Greece, a forgotten land of monasteries. The first DP in 31 years to film there.

Shot at 240fps in a warehouse in Delaware, this was not staged. Lit from above with a large soft source to provide enough light, yet maintain the gritty look of the illegal fighting industry. 

WHNPA Lighting Winner.  If people can't tell that I've lit a scene, I feel I have succeeded.

The Capitol, a sizzle for a 60 Minutes story.  The opening shots convey the majesty and scale of the space.


WHNPA (White House News Photographers Association) Award, News Magazine. 60 Minutes story on the Jouberts in Africa.

For fun:  Some advice I received from a director some of you may know.  Thanks to my good friend 60 Minutes DP Don Lee for this!